About You

We know you.

Let me guess, you have too much to do and not enough time. 

You get up at 5:00am, prep for the day and get to the grind by 9:00.  You are blown up all day by calls, texts, emails and social media.  Not a moment goes by without a beep or tweet.  Then, exhausted, you drop the kids off at little league, make a quick run to Whole Foods to make a healthy meal.  (You can’t bear to feed your family another fried Chic-Fila sandwich no matter how good they are.) You run back by the rec-field, get the kids, run home and start cooking.  Dinner, homework and done.  It’s 10:00pm, you cuddle up to our spouse who’s day was a mirror image of yours.  You sit on the couch together, watch an episode of something cheesy on Hallmark to reassure yourself there is hope of a good life out there.

When in all of that would you possibly have time to list or buy a new home?

Here at FIFER + CO we and our agents specialize in Y-O-U.  We listen to your needs and handpick homes for you.  We’ll put you on a list serve like every other agent so you can peruse 100’s of listing in your spare time.  However, every day we’ll have our housing specialist go through listing and find your match better than match.com.

We also love buying homes to make is easy and hassle free. No fixing all those dings and dents. No time wasted cleaning before every showing and then having to leave for hours. Worry free, move straight to buying your new dream home without have to wait on selling your current home.

Give us a call. We’ll meet you at Tee-Ball and talk about how to get you in your new sanctuary home.